Martial Arts Programs Available In London

Kids Martial Arts

Keep your children active and excited with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in London, Ontario. We offer fun classes for students age 6-12 and help them build important life skills while learning the art of Ryu Kyu Karate.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes in London, Ontario are designed for ages 13 and older and can help you get in great shape while learning vital self-defense skills. Take on Karate and Kobudo training with us today!

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Jiu Jitsu

Our Jiu-Jitsu Classes in London, Ontario can help you build total-body strength and learn how to defend yourself in any situation. We are proud to work with students of all experience levels. Get started today!

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The Karate kata of the WKKJO are directly from Okinawa, Japan and passed on from teacher to student (to our Founder who is a Direct Senior Student of Master Seikichi Odo [1926 - 2002]) over the last 300 years.

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Take your martial arts training to the next level with our Kobudo classes in at Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy. Learn how to defend yourself with a variety of weapons, and get fit in the process!

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Self Defense Classes

Don't let danger catch you off-guard. Our Self-Defense Classes in London, Ontario prepare men and women of all backgrounds to defend themselves against a real-world threat. Take the first step and learn more today!

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