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Ken Louttet in London - Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA

Ken Louttet

Sensei Ken Louttet - is a 4th Dan in Karate and Kobudo and is a 10 year blue belt, working to attain his Purple belt in BJJ.  Renshi Ken Louttet is former World Champion (2000 Venice, Italy), successful MMA cage fighter and has been practicing Karate, Kobudo, and Jiujitsu with Kyoshi Simon Sherbourne since 1996.  He is a General Contractor in the London area, and the proud father of two children.  He has competed with high degrees of success at many tournaments (Karate, Jiujitsu, MMA Events) in the region and in Europe.  He is always eager to clarify a technique and help students progress. Ken is a former Martial Arts Club owner from Woodstock and teaches classes at SMAA, diligently encouraging all different learning styles.  He recently moved to London and we at SMAA are happy to have him back on the teaching/Instructors' team.

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