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Simon Sherbourne

Kyoshi Simon Sherbourne started teaching Karate, Kobudo, and Jiujitsu in London, Ontario in 1992. He has been a school teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board since 1998 and has a Master of Education. He obtained 7th Dan in 2005 from the Odo Family. He has competed in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wrestling, Karate, and Pankration with a high degree of success. He has won numerous titles and championships throughout North America, and Europe (including multiple Canadian, U.S.A., European Championships, and 3 World Championships). "One of the most important aspects of martial arts training is the concept of continuous self-improvement. I truly enjoy participating in the personal growth of the students who train at the academy" (Simon Sherbourne 2014).

Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy is the Hombu Dojo for the WKKJO

Sherbourne (1967-) began training in Jiujitsu with his Grandfather in Scotland at the age of 8 and continued with this sporadically until his grandfather's passing in the late 1980's. He wrestled in high school for three years and then moved on to kickboxing and boxing. He practiced TKD and sharpened his kicking skills from the age of 17 - 19. Sherbourne also practiced Aikido from 1992 - 1994. He had a tendency to use his hands too often during sparring sessions in TKD and was accused several times of using Karate which he had never practiced. At the age of 19 he decided to investigate Karate, and after some training, again he was accused of using wrestling and Jiu Jitsu during sparring sessions. In 1992 when he moved to London from North Carolina, he started teaching MMA, inviting people from all different types of martial arts to convene every Sunday in a school gym to have MMA matches with some basic rules to prevent injury. Sherbourne understood that wrestling and Jiu Jitsu were clearly imperative to surviving a physical confrontation. He trained under Royce Gracie from 2004 -2018 and has spent more than 25 years analyzing and applying the principles and techniques of Jiu Jitsu for real-world self-defense and competition.

Sherbourne trains all of the practitioners at SMAA to become well versed in striking, grappling and groundwork, so that students are able to defend themselves when addressing any type of unarmed attack. Many students have successfully competed in MMA matches through Pankration and Cage Fighting.

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