Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/ Gracie Jiu Jitsu

After studying Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Japanese Jiu Jitsu most of my life, I can say that in a Jiu Jitsu match the ability to keep your opponent on their heels so to speak, or to just stay ahead of them provides you with the tactical, psychological and mechanical advantage that greatly increases your chances of success.  The creation of the UFC, Jiu Jitsu's overwhelming success, and the explosion of Brazilian Jiujitsu was not an accident.  The outcomes were shocking to the world of combatives (martial arts such as: Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Boxing, etc...).


The fact that the Gracie family were willing to risk it all and demonstrate their art in front of the entire world is testament of their unwavering belief in their practice. Reflecting on it now, you can see that there was and continues to be a huge void or hole in a self-defense skill set if one does not train in Jiu Jitsu.  Think about it ... Before the UFC... what was considered the ultimate form of combative or self-defense system that would be beneficial for all sizes and shapes? There are some strong martial arts out there (Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, etc...) However, they are incomplete and innappropriate in our current world of liability, responsibility and proper action.  By answering these burning questions related to Jiu Jitsu, you can clearly see the impact of the Gracie family on the world of self-defense and martial arts. 

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