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Comprehensive Self-Defense Classes At Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy

Enquire about Certification in three areas of Self-Defense at SMAA:
  • Module 1 - Standing Defenses against attacks from the front and from the back - (3 - ten class courses repeated if necessary)
  • Module 2 - Fundamental Defenses on the ground - (5 - ten class courses repeated if necessary)
  • Module 3 - Fundamental Defenses against weapons and improvised weapons attacks (knife, club, gun, etc.) - 1- ten class course repeated if necessary.

Whether you're training for self-protection or security detail, Self-Defense Classes at Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy offer comprehensive instruction that will equip you for any real-world conflict.

Our program will teach you strategies to address threats from both armed, and unarmed assailants, as well as multiple threat/attacker scenarios – scenarios that are very common in today’s urban environment.

Our Head-To-Head training includes tactics to address weapons used at close range such as clubs, knives and firearms.

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Learn Reality Driven Protection With Self-Defense Classes

At Sherbourne, we base our Self-Defense Classes around confrontations that can be common in everyday life. The governing concept of the program is that our principles and techniques must embrace a practical application of your knowledge to an imperfect world where we are exposed to aggression and violence – a world that you cannot always control.

We strive in our Self-Defense Classes to research and “stress-test” all of our techniques to ensure that they are viable in a variety of real-world encounters.

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Just a few of our self-defense strategies include:

  • Avoid circumstances that place your personal safety at risk
  • Recognize the behaviors and situations that may pose high risk to your personal safety
  • Recognize the signs of an imminent attack; Strike pre-emptively to defend yourself if deemed necessary
  • Learn to defend yourself when assaulted with punches and kicks
  • Learn strategies and techniques to address assault with a knife, club, or a firearm
  • Learn how to avoid or escape takedowns, chokes, and various restraints and holds
  • Learn how to address/defend and escape once you have been taken to the ground

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SMAA is the Headquarters of the WKKJO. Please click here for more in-depth information and strategies to improve non-violent measures of self-protection.

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