Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Reviews

Nestor B. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

My son and I have been training here for some years now. The vast wealth of knowledge and great martial arts traditions that SMAA has to offer is second to none. The dojo offers a very unique opportunity to train in various martial arts. We specially enjoy the traditional okinawan weapons training which is one of kind in the city. Kyoshi Sherbourne is a very well decorated martial arts instructor who is always kind and helpful with all his students.

Nestor B.

CJ O. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

Top quality instruction for both adults and children. My kids love their karate lessons and are already asking to go in the March break camp again. Thanks Simon!


Jody G. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

Kids loved Mr Sherbourne's March Break Camp last year. Will be sending them again this year.

Jody G.

Ty V. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

The best bjj instruction in the city. love that they are now a royce gracie affiliated dojo. SMAA doesn't get the respect it deserves for being the best in the city.

Ty V.

Betty M. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

Loved my instruction at SMAA. The best jiujitsu in London hands down! Thanks kyoshi Sherbourne!

Betty M.

Brett C. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

I have a second degree blackbelt in Uechi Ryu but when I travel I like to train at other dojos, I have to say Sherbourne Marital Arts Academy really knows their stuff! I was very impressed with their instructors and the level of training of their students! if you are looking for a good Martial Arts school in Sherbourne they should be your only choice.

Brett C.

Kyle R. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

I have been training at this club since 2012 and have nothing but good things to say about the academy. An environment based on respect and a focus on constant and unrelenting self improvement. There is a great group of instructors led by Kyoshi Sherbourne, whose wealth of knowledge and experience in the Martial Arts, makes for a truly enriching experience. If you are looking for a great place to work out and improve yourself mentally and physically, your search is over.

Kyle R.

Will N. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

Training at Sherboune Martial Arts Academy has changed my life. Mr. Sherbourne's extensive knowledge of traditional martial arts, coupled with his years of academic teaching experience provide a learning opportunity that is second to none. His attention to each student and generosity with sharing his knowledge ensures that everyone progresses at a steady pace. The benefits of self improvement through training there go well beyond the unmatched lineage.

Will N.

Pet R. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

the best BJJ , Karate and Kobudo in the city by far.

Pet R.

Mike P. , Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy: SMAA Testimonials

I have been training with Kyoshi Sherbourne for almost 20 years. In that time, I have come to have an ever growing appreciation for the vast knowledge and skill Kyoshi shares and imparts on all his students. The lessons learned and the techniques taught at SMAA are not only of top quality in regards to martial arts practice but also rooted in a long history of tradition that have been passed on for centuries by Masters of the martial arts with direct lineage to Kyoshi Sherbourne. The information gained from years of training are not only of extreme value to a persons martial arts training and developement, but transcend into everyday life experiences. Be it your career, your education or in dealing with difficult situations in life, the lessons learned and the examples set by Kyoshi, are very beneficial in providing you with the tools, confidence and fortitude to face those challenges and rise above them. My son is also a dedicated member of SMAA and I am proud to watch him grow and mature over the years into a young man that not only has gained the physical agility and strength to practice martial arts but has also benefited by the positive and healthy influences provided by Kyoshi. This influence, training and guidance has helped shape his strong character and positive outlook. I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in improving their physical and mental fortitude while participating in a fun, safe and welcoming atmosphere, seriously consider taking a few complimentary classes to see for yourself the quality and fully comprehensive martial arts training SMAA provides. Be it Brazilian Jiujitsu, Okinawan Karate, Traditional weapons training or self defense techniques, the quality, expertise and knowledge provided by training with Kyoshi Sherbourne is second to none.

Mike P.

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